Here at Interharex we are the solution and services to all your industrial construction needs. Our consulting firm offers experience, reliability, innovation and integrity.


Our services include:

  • Structural/Mechanical Design (steel, timber, composites & concrete)
  • Frame Designs & Structural Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Component Analysis and Optimisation
  • Pipe System Analysis & Pressure Vessels
  • Engineering Certifications
  • Drafting & 3D Modelling & Virtual Prototyping
rendered image of the pipe system suppported by the steel racks

Whether services you are in need of a whole design or just modifying an existing component, we at Interharex are capable of tackling any project.



Interharex is a proven specialist in mechanical engineering, with multi-disciplined expertise in pipe system design, pressure vessels and material handling. Part of our everyday work is solving problems, from simple modifications and optimisations right up to major infrastructure projects. In addition to our standard design work, we provide a state of art finite element analysis (FEA) methodology as part of our service in optimisation of components. This allows us to shift savings to the client by reducing weights and increasing the strength of the optimised modules.


Interharex is a recognized structural engineering specialist, with a great proficiency in steel and composite structures, special purpose frames as well as stacks and wind sensitive structures. We have extensive experience across a wide variety of projects and project sizes. Our background can be an asset at all levels of planning, design and delivery. With our hands-on senior staff, using cutting-edge technology, we deliver cost-effective yet flexible concepts and final designs to successfully actualise our clients’ goals.


Here at Interharex, we have successfully completed civil projects, including the design of water supplies and sewerage works. We have designed a variety of structural liners and special purpose formworks. Such as the manhole liners for Carlton Main Sewer Project in Melbourne. Other examples of our successful designs are the 100 m deep by 1.65 m wide concrete encased vertical liners installed at North Head (Sydney) as part of the North Side Storage Tunnel project as well as the double curvature formwork panels for the Chaffey Dam Spillway Augmentation project.


Interharex was involved in the design of piping systems and pipe supporting steelwork for major mineral extraction mines including Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine, Uranium (USX) and Copper Solvent Extraction (CuSX) Plant at Olympic Dam SA, and Sulphuric Acid Plant at Mt Isa. To quantify those projects, we designed thousands of meters of fire resistant and conductive pipe systems ranging from Ø 50mm to Ø 750 mm for WMC Olympic Dam Mine SA, hundreds of meters of Ø 600 mm and Ø 1.43 m for Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine (WA) and 700m of Ø 2.3 m to Ø 3.2 m GRP corrosive fume extraction duct system for Mt Isa Plant. We were involved in the design of a large diameter stack made from composite material (GRP) with the purpose to extract flue gases composed from SO2, NO, SO3, HCl, HF and H2O.


Interharex is a competitive player in the designing cooling water pipe systems for the power generation industry. This demanding industry requires a company to be professional, ensure great quality work and consistently meet deadlines. The scope of our work includes the design of large diameter cooling water pipe systems which can be either buried or aerial. We also design thrust blocks and custom tailored pipe anchors, steel saddles and special purpose supports. An example of our projects includes power stations located in Tallawarra (NSW), Malaysia (Lumut, Perlis and Pengerang), Thailand (Khanoom) and Singapore (Pulau Seraya and Banyan).


In modern waste water treatment plants, reducing the odour effect on the surrounding area is a primary concern. Here at Interharex we have experience solving this problem by designing double curved covers for inlet works and bioreactors. As well as designing bio filters to extract the odors via a ducting system.

We have designed covers that incorporates hatches for operation and maintenance access using a unique combination of structural strength and lightweight construction. The ducting systems, from Ø 100 mm up to Ø 1650 mm , were completed with column supports, clamps, control dampers, expansion joints and fittings.We have completed odour extraction systems for various sewer treatment plants located in Subiaco (WA), Beenyup (WA), Murramba (QLD), Merrimac (QLD) as well as Changi, Bedok and Ulu Pandan (Singapore).


We have experience in the design of high-pressure pipes for water reverse osmosis circuits in desalination plants. These projects are completed using pipe system analysis and finite element analysis (FEA). The combination of modern working methods, up to date software and more than twenty years of experience in pipe system analysis guarantees an ingenious design. We offer project consulting for the various components of water making plants. We have successfully completed a variety of projects including the design of thousands of meters of 400NB to 1800NB piping systems for seawater pipelines, brine, permeate and cleaning lines for the Sydney Desalination Plant. We were also involved in the  other similar project such as the desalination plants recently built in Perth, Gold Coast and Melbourne.


Interharex provides a diverse range of specialist structural design services across multiple sectors including marine works. We have successfully designed a of variety of Intake / Discharge risers ranging from 900mm to 2400mm and weighing up to 90 tonnes manufactured as part of marine works for desalination plants recently built in Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Melbourne.